In the early days of the Church, followers of Jesus met in public spaces or in their homes, solidifying their faith and sense of community. On the surface, this early church looked very tenuous, persecuted and scattered, yet the faithful gave all that they had to carry on the mission of Jesus Christ. Throughout history, the church and her ministries have met with terrible opponents that should have spelled her end, yet her community of believers continued to give to and sustain the Catholic faith.

This legacy of faith and perseverance led our ancestors to build our churches, and decades later, we are still enjoying the tangible results of their faith. Our churches rely on us for help today through weekly offerings as well as generosity to the Catholic Services Appeal, but our churches and ministries also need long term support. Have you thought about who will be there to support your church after you are gone?

A gift to your church through the Catholic Foundation will ensure your church or favorite ministry receives your support forever.

With a gift to one of the endowed funds of the Catholic Foundation, the money must always be used as you have specified – even after you are gone. Unlike an outright gift of cash that may be instantly depleted and without a guarantee that it will be used as you’ve intended, a gift through the Catholic Foundation is forever.

With 29 endowment funds to choose from, you can chose to leave a gift with an existing fund that is dear to you or create a new one in your name to benefit a ministry of your choice. When an endowment fund is created through the Foundation, an initial gift of at least $5,000 is invested permanently with the earned distributions coming back to the beneficiary forever. Unlike a retirement fund, the principal will never be drawn upon to sustain an operation; rather it will be invested forever, generating exponentially greater returns over time.

Bequests are the cornerstone of most estate plans and among the easiest ways for you to arrange a gift. Work with your attorney to draft a will or trust that includes a gift to the Catholic Foundation for Northwest Indiana. Contact the Foundation to discuss ideas for establishing your legacy of faith and be connected with local estate planning professionals.

The faith of our ancestors built our churches. Now, it is our turn to ensure their legacy is carried forward for generations to come.

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